Hauptfeuerwehrwache Leopoldstadt Hauptfeuerwehrwache Leopoldstadt Hauptfeuerwehrwache Leopoldstadt

Main Fire Station Leopoldstadt

Design principles

The new building is designed with three stories including an intermediate level.  Due to the lower height of the new fire station, it successfully blends within the surrounding residential and office buildings as a public building.  At the intersection of Vorgartenstraße and Kafkastraße, the upper levels appearing as an urban signal extend over and simultaneously cover the main entrance of the station.  The longitudinal development of the building also seen vis a vis in the Turm der Wiener Messe, where also the road fronts at Engerthstraße and the Vorgartenstraße will be closed structurally for construction.   
Along the Kafkastraße and the Engerthstraße numerous trees can be visible through generous glass glazing making it also possible to glimpse inside the vehicle hall.  Due to the building's slender structure, the courtyard area is built as large as possible.  The existing garden is extended to include a covered area.

Due to the minimal number of floors, inner development and functional processes are optimized. A multi-story lobby leads via the staircase to the dining area. The guard operation is managed remotely. The team rooms are linked by a staircase with the shortest path to the vehicle hall. Two landscaped atriums and building breakthroughs ensure natural light and spatial structure of the team area. The sports area arranged around a corner is separated from all other rooms.

Through the floor plan configuration of the low energy house and the steel concrete skeleton building method, the spatial arrangement can be also adapted to future requirements.  An extensive range of associated spaces such as terraces, a glazed loggia and the garden is the recreational areas for the the firefighters. The colour design of facades formally summarizes the two upper floors and stresses the importance of the new building of the usage together with the cantilevered construction.

Contracting Authority

19 city of Vienna represented MA

EU wide, anonymous, open, two-stage competition

1.Preis 2014

In planning